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Sifting through a body of knowledge and wisdom passed on for four generations, my aim is to help you to tap into the vital patterns of your own story of living well. The modalities used range from food and food-related rituals of cooking, preserving and eating, to the alchemical magic of soil to help you grow your own, to micro-adjustments in your living environment through healing touch,movement, sound, or smell.

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This space is a curatorial attempt to honor the matriarchs of my family -
women who inspired and shaped me, a 66 year old global nomad who
finds stillness in the dynamic movement of life. I am someone who
searches for meaning at the edges, through the confluences in the
peripheries, rather than within the conforming centres of the core.
This space celebrates and explores indigenous, inherited lineages of
knowledge - ways of being that come to us through our relationship to self,
community, land and the connections that make us. It is a challenge to
modern capitalist patriarchy’s protection and privileging of money and
power, and its repression and rejection of those who do not find easy entry
to the core.
Through these offerings I am interested in exploring how we can change
our relationship to survival from that of greedy accumulation to that of a
care based economy where life-giving, nurturing acts are equally valued. A
world where we can re-learn that ‘just enough’ is okay to stay alive. Not
more, not less, just enough…

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Cape Town SouthAfrica

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