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Imbued with the fragrance of resilience, textured with the spices of
survival, this adventure is a way of supporting myself while sharing simple
lessons learnt through my own life-experiences. I do not claim to be an
expert on anything - I offer the knowledge I have gathered through my
own life: a life lived well on very little resources.
My roots start from a tiny village in the southernmost tip of India. Over six
decades I have travelled, lived, worked and learned in many parts of the
world, finally ending up in the southernmost tip of Africa. My ancestral
matrilineage has enabled me to adapt to turbulent times, embracing the ups
and downs of my life. I feel blessed to have been able to break through
barriers and boundaries, displacements and dislocation, relying on simple
ways of being passed on from my elders. While I am a trained yoga
teacher, Ayurvedic primary health care practitioner, and permaculturist,
with decades of work in the climate change and sustainability arena, I
embody the wisdom of being born into a family that for generations lived a
life of seamlessly integrating the old and the new. 
In short, the warrior-woman survival instinct I inherited from my maternal
family became my anchor when I moved from India to South Africa.
Without the internal fighter spirit, I simply would not have survived the
constraints of race and class barriers. This fight for survival prepared me to
shape new survival strategies for bringing up my daughters without fully
compromising to the dictates of patriarchal modernity.

-Nirmala Nair

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