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Food is the fuel that lights our inner fire. The busy external life-styles of today has reduced food to an  inconvenient chore. Food and everything related to it from growing to preparation and even eating is no longer  considered an action that requires mindfulness. Yet the entire spectrum related to food shapes our inner immunity strong so we can handle the pressures of busy lives.. 

Discover new and healthy food rituals 

Embark on a journey to confidently approach improvised cooking. Get a hang of the basic principles and techniques to release the hidden flavors and potency of spices and herbs. Learn the importance of lunar cycles and working with in-season ingredients.

Cook and learn

Join small, on-site group or individual sessions according to your taste preferences, health requirements, locally available resources, or even simply for acquiring new, healthy food habits.

Food Apothecary, Kitchen Pharmacy 

Learn to recognise and work with specific healing properties of herbs, spices, plant medicines, and sea vegetables (including wild and foraged). This on-site hands-on workshop will allow you to use simple spices and herbs for simple first aid and home remedies

Pre-Ordered meal

Celebrate a special occasion with a pre-ordered meal or produce a delicious meal with a small group of friends, enjoying the flavours and fragrance in the exotic setting at Nirmala's LifeCafe. 

Cooking .HEIC

Cooking in earthenware pots increases the 
flavour. Food wrapped in steamed lotus leaf,
banana leaf etc is not only sustainable but also
gives a special taste.

Food and related rituals: Services
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