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Life is in a constant state of dynamic balance working through and with the five elements. Ancients across the world worked with elements of ether, air, fire, earth and water. The uniquely dynamic interplay of these elements created an equally unique signature of health in every human being. While it is not possible to recreate ancient times, it is possible to compose appropriate combination of healing rituals to bring us back to a state of balance. 

Everyday rituals

Rituals to help you with the demands of the day 

Learn how to create rituals in your every day life that brings you structure and stability with a feeling of being centred in your body and space. Starting the day with an appropriate ritual helps set the tone for the day. Rituals help in anchoring with a sense of balance during the course of a demanding day. The rituals can be dynamic, or static, giving a sense of flow of time. It can involve anything from a chant to a movement, a garden tea break, to using the senses extensively through smell, smoke, taste to help you thrive the demands of everyday. 

Transition rituals

Rituals to transition into puberty

Matrilineal cultures around the world celebrate the power of creation. In matrilineal culture that Nirmala comes from,  a girl's onset of puberty used to be celebrated with a seven day ritual, evoking the divine feminine and the goddess of fertility. While these rituals originate in a specific cultural context of warrior women, learn to create your own coming-of-age rituals that help you and your loved ones to mark and transition a memorable crossing of thresholds

Care rituals

Rituals to support the supporters

Often care-givers do not have support to sustain their own care-giving energy. Be it post-natal care for the new mother or caring for a terminally ill family member, or an ageing parent, care-giving is the backbone of building healthy local community.The world of care-giving starts by sustaining the self,  the health of a family and the wider world around us.  Learn basic caregiving without getting burnt out.


Bereavement rituals

Rituals to work through grief of many kinds

Grieving rituals - around dis-ease and death are something the modern world has lost. Learn how to evoke the power of grieving through rituals that combine the modern ways with the lost ways to honor and celebrate death and dying as part of the cosmic wheel of life.

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Waterfalls generate negative ions balancing the overload of positive ions in our system

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