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Notes From Bhutan April 2016

When you really get to the depths of what the mainstream development is doing to our planet, to our lives, to our forests, waters, fields and soil, a silent rage surges inside those of us who are still able to FEEL; such folks feel a resonance with this rage. It is this rage, that gets transmuted into a search, a search for real solutions, a search for simple life, a belief that life will carry on no matter what the arrogant techno-crazy humans do to destroy life. . This search also leads us to realise that we must learn to be humble and understand the basic principles of life governing the earth for millennia, long before technology, long before money...

It is this search, this compassionate longing to engage with life on life’s own terms in a restorative and regenerative fashion that drives some of us like me, the lone riders, to work in the field of climate change very very differently.

This is the work for posterity. Bhutan can make a difference to the planet. Bhutan has been given an opportunity to step into something so profound, not many NGO workers get this opportunity, as many climate specialists do work with governments in a very mainstream fashion.

Just imagine, we are well on to the end of an epoch, the great Sixth extinction is already upon us. Ions from now, what the fossil records will show about humanity will be isotopes of plastic. Can you believe what heritage we are leaving behind, how nasty our so-called development has been. Yet, we are still pushing for devastating technologies that are going to ravage our lives into extinction sooner. And the public is unquestionably slaves to the mantra of consumerism contributing in a big way to the catastrophe, to what we do, how we live matters energetically. We cannot separate our lives and say climate change is happening out there, only for the poor, only for some countries, or that it is just a NAPA project, as I am writing this from Bhutan, on a NAPA mission, early 2016.

All our seed germ-plasm are stolen and sealed on a mountain side castle in Svalbard, in Norway. The viruses wreak havoc with our immune-system infused with the vaccines. Nerve gas is used in our waters – chlorine. Fluoride and mercury gets into our bodies everyday deteriorating our bones and teeth. Lethal chemicals are pumped into our bodies through food processing. Endocrine disrupting chemicals are unleashing havoc with our hormones, messing our sexuality, ravaging an already weakened shell of the body, making our cells fight against the environment, fight against our own cells, causing cancer and other relentless immune system breakdown.

Still we continue the path of blind slavery to tech and chemical induced tinkering called science, relentless consumption in the name of progress all. We have simply forgotten to ask the questions even to ourselves :

  • What is the connection between the increasing DIS-EASE pattern around us and the state of despair the world is in?

  • Why do we have such disrupting health systems despite millions pumped into public health?

  • Why is our food systems so messed up by the supermarkets and multinational corporations and they continue to be subsidised? (The hidden-costs of their food production is never accounted for)

  • How is that we still continue to be brainwashed by their advertising to put no-nutrient food into our bodies?

  • Why are the same corporations allowed to poison our waters and our soil and grow food that simply does not alleviate hunger?

And then we claim to be working on climate change without really grasping at the great devastating pattern staring at us….. the Great Despair that is upon us is simply a doing of our own collective amnesia. Most people simply are NOT seeing the pattern, Not Remembering. And Not interested.

PS: The above note was from my Bhutan reflections, jotted in 2016, reading it this morning, after six years, it was a humbling realisation - what a spiralling down it has been been since then.

Nirmala Nair March, 3 April, 2022

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