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Nirmala's Life Cafe is about creating rituals in your life that become sacred to you. Nirmala offers one-on-one sessions or small group sessions - online as well as in-person. These are intimate healing spaces that offer the chance to learn from the reservoir of ancient wisdom available to all of us. During the time we share together we will explore opportunities for healing, growing and adapting. No two life stories are the same, thus no two sessions are the same. Some communication is required beforehand, allowing me to prepare a tailor-made session that suits your specific needs.

Meaningful rituals can be constructed around growing and preparing food, resurrecting forgotten formulas and the art of improvised cooking. For those who want to go beyond food, there are ample opportunities to find stillness through sacred interactions with nature. For those dreaming of growing food and herbs, learn how to integrate tiny-garden spaces in your own home and how to build soils and balance plant nutrients. For the movement enthusiasts there are many pathways to finding a new balance, ways to stay healthy without breaking your backs. The energy of life is like a colourful patchwork quilt - woven from the strands of life’s lessons. The quilt is a never-a-finished product, the weaving continues, the colors fade, new patches appear. The only constant is the warmth, shelter and protection the quilt provides, even as parts of it gently fade away, to be mended again, thus the web of life is woven seamlessly until end of Time.

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Simple, reliable, time tested

These are simple time tested services  that anyone can do at their own home once the basics are learnt from these sessions. The idea here is not to be dependent on an outside expert other than to kick start a new journey that empowers you to further explore ways and means to stay healthy opening to the synergies that life brings.


Learn to recognise and work with specific healing properties of herbs and spices, including wild, foraged, and sea vegetables. Basic home remedies and simple first aid using simple spices and herbs . This will be an on-site  workshop.




Learn how your gut biome is directly related to the health of the soil biome where your food comes from. Enjoy hands-on sessions in Nirmala’s own tiny garden where you can witness (and taste) the power of dynamic garden, emulating a lush forest in a tiny space.

Learn about Gardening basics. Enjoy growing your own food however small the space is. Learn how to work with your soil. 

Learn how to turn your food waste to edibles. Learn to make your soil enrichments from your kitchen waste.


Everyday rituals: Learn how to create rituals in your every day life that brings you structure, stability and sanity with a feeling of being well in your body and space. These rituals help us to set the tone for the day.

You can design these rituals from simple items from around your house, garden.


Transition rituals: Rituals to work through many kinds of transitions- birthing, puberty, death are all part of transition journeys that in the old world were considered sacred.

Most of these are lost as we loose elders and our collective memory is being impaired by technology. around rituals. 

Learn how to evoke the power of rituals that combine modern ways with olden ways to honour each life

life as part of a bigger cycle wheel of life. 


Coming of age rituals : Entering the adult world 

Nirmala's matrilineal culture, gave her a first hand experience of going through rituals around the onset of puberty  evoking the divine feminine and fertility goddess. While these rituals originate in a specific cultural context of warrior women and female lineage, she has worked with coming-of-age rituals in her own family, as well as used it with many young people from other parts of the world.

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