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It has been a common knowledge amongst local healers and shamans that the nutrient density of the food we consume is directly proportionate to the alchemy of the soil where the food is grown. As far back as the 1950's  Austrian forester Viktor Schauberger predicted that the increasing use of chemicals along with iron tools for farming is eventually going to render the world's soil dead. It is now widely accepted that food grown in dead soil is not as nutrient dense as those grown in soil rich in humus, organic matter teeming with beneficial microbes crucial to our health.

Soil and our gut biome

Learn how your gut biome is directly related to the health of the soil biome where your food comes from. Enjoy hands-on sessions in Nirmala’s own tiny garden where you can witness (and taste) the power of dynamic garden, emulating a lush forest in a tiny space.

Gardening basics

Learn how to work with your soil and the abundance of growing your own food even in small unexpected spaces. Learn basic permaculture principles for planning and developing growing spaces, even if it is a small balcony garden, a suburban food-forest or simply some potted herbs on your windowsill.

Soil Enrichment

Learn how to turn your food waste to edibles. Simple composting methods make easy soil enrichments from your kitchen waste. In house composting using red-wrigglers, a kind of earth worms, or brewing microbial teas using specific vegetable wastes, learn to make your own soil enrichments for smaller gardens.

Copper tools designed by Viktor Schauberger ensures balanced and healthy soils.

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